RGV joins Lamudi


Now widely being used in the on-line promotion, marketing and sale of products and services globally is the Lamudi Philippines (lamudi.com.ph), a leading real estate market place in the Philippines that offers sellers, buyers and investors a secured and easy way to use the platform to find the right property online.

Lamudi easily complements the  one-stop shop concept  of the RGV Real Estate Center.

Recently, the RGV Group contracted Lamudi Philippines to bring to the open market, domestic and overseas, its portfolios of prime real estate properties ------ and/or investments that will yield high returns in terms of revenues and profits.

The RGV Group maintains a wide list of all ------ ------  inventories in its data bank, wholly-owned by the company, its business partners -- developers, property owners, and real estate service practitioners - fro residential subdivisions, townhouses, condominiums to office-commercial spaces, malls, resorts, hotels, leisure farms, farm-industrial estates, among others.

This real estate digital generation provides the most comprehensive online marketing and allows networking with top real estate service practitioners worldwide.