Mindoro: The Next Paradise


A paradise is often described as a place of contentment, a land of luxury and fulfillment; where there is only peace, prosperity and happiness.

Mindoro, the 7th largest island in the Philippine archipelago, has always been a goldmine of natural resources. But a little more goes beyond its famous tag -- the Golden Isle.

Transforming Mindoro into a self-sufficient and highly urbanized zone calls for genuine development initiatives in order that investments, domestic and foreign, will flow into the Island, creating employment, livelihood and other opportunities thereby induce greater business activities in food production, tourism, PPO, trading services and many others.

To fully utilize its distinct qualities and maximize its potentials, substantial investments in power and energy, agri-business, tourism, and other potentials of growth will jumpstart Mindoro's journey to prosperity and progress. But even if investments pour in, it is equally important that there should be first a Master Plan that will serve as guide to manage well the province to ensure sustainability of Mindoro's economic growth.


Mindoro possesses abundant energy resources, such as but not limited to hydro, wind, solar and natural gas. In addition, renewable energy such as bio-fuel (ethanol, jetropha, etc.) and coal resources are waiting to be tapped, harnessed and developed to provide for sufficient and lower cost of power energy.

The viability and sustainability of investments and capital for trade and industry are dependent on adequate, reliable, stable and affordable power supply.


Generally, Mindoro is known to have many advantages - in location and land area, natural resources, fertile land, water supply and source that will be available for massive plantation and food production and processing centers. Factories- but will only happen if sufficient and affordable power is available.

Principally attributed to the continuing development program is the preservation and conservation of its forest and watersheds, Oriental Mindoro has maintained its greenery, most favorable for agro-industrial. Oriental Mindoro shares the prestige as one of the three Most Green Provinces in the country today. Expectedly, Mindorenos maintain opposition to any activity that will undermine its natural resources, environment and ecology. It has abundant water supply with strong free flow minteral water in most areas. The strong current of its rivers is most ideal for hydro-power development.

With power and energy providing the impetus in the fast track agro-industrialization, Oriental Mindoro could easily achieve quality harvests in its agricultural crops, aquamarine resources, and livestock. This will ultimately elevate Oriental Mindoro as the "Food Basket of the Philippines." On a worst scenario of food shortage in various parts of the Philippines and overseas, Mindoro could support the food requirements to feed the hungy. Oriental Mindoro is at the center of the Philippines, close to Metro Manila and CALABARZON. It is the gateway between Luzon and Visayas, and Mindanao through the 24-hour Roll-On, Roll Off facilities using the Nautical Highway.

The province evokes images of tropical paradise - white sand, clear blue waters, pink corals, roaring waterfalls, lush green forests covering majestic mountains. Tourism is one biggest generator of revenue, livelihood and income opportunities. The Province is gifted with picturesque tourism sites that are rarely available in other provinces and in other parts of the world.

To date, there are at least four (4) major tourism centers that could evolve into the country's major tourist attractions. These are: Puerto Galera, Mount Halcon, Naujan Lake and the Bulacacao.


Puerto Galera


Puerto Galera has been cited by UNESCO as one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL BAYS IN THE WORLD.


Puerto Galera is famous for its beaches. One can venture into swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sunbathing, water-skiing, boating or just about anything on its white sand beaches. Puerto Galera’s Tamaraw Falls is acknowledged as the largest waterfall in Oriental Mindoro, towers 132 meters above sea level with a natural swimming pool at its base. For shopping bugs, Puerto Galera offers finely crafted items made of buri/buntal, marble or gold. 


Mount Halcon


Mount Halcon will soon be like Baguio City because of its cool climate and other tourist attractions

Oriental Mindoro is beauty. It is a great destination, the mountains and forests that are home to a variety of exotic fauna like wild cattle, wild hog, and white and brown monkeys. Oriental Mindoro also has Mount Halcon, one of the highest mountains in the Philippines, and it creates a natural boundary between the province and Occidental Mindoro.

Mount Halcon is the highest peak in the province, stunningly rising 2,586 meters (8,484 feet) above sea level. This attributes to the year-round cool climate of Mount Halcon, comparable to the Philippines’ summer capital of Baguio City. It is an attraction because it gives a breathtaking view of the entire Mindoro Island and its contiguous area. On the slopes of the mountain, one can find numerous rivers and waterfalls. With its varied terrain ranging from rainforest to mossy forest, from bonsai forest to highland forest, the mountain is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. 

Climbing the highest peak in Mindoro is a great adventure for many mountaineers. Reaching the peak and appreciating the beautiful view of the place is the highlight of the climb. The very breathtaking view of the sea complements the magnificent mountain. It is really one of the most memorable journeys that one will have, a reminder than hiking, traveling, and learning about the country can go hand in hand. 




There are several islands in Bulalacao as possible tourist destinations with white sand beaches, and attractive snorkeling areas


The town of Bulacacao, at the far end, is an excited place that has Buyayao Island, the home of one of the ten Mangyan tribes — the Hanunuos. Bulalacao white sand beach is a perfect site for snorkeling, scuba diving and other water-fun activities. It is picture perfect, still untouched which makes it even more beautiful. Experience and see the beauty of the beach. It is very relaxing, highly recommended for those people who want to relax and enjoy their day or vacation while swimming or by watching the sunset along the seashore. Bulalacao is such a lovely paradise easily comparable to Boracay and El Nido in Palawan.


Naujan lake


The Naujan Lake is the fifth largest lake in the country.  Its take watershed bounds the protected area.  The presence of wildlife also enhance the value of the Lake as a recreation area


Naujan Lake, a sanctuary of migratory birds from China, is the cleanest lake in the Philippines.  Naujan Lake enjoys a humid tropical climate with evenly distributed annual rainfall.

Most of the people depend on the lake for their livelihood, particularly through fishing; but the lake also provides water for drinking, laundry, bathing and irrigation.  Moreover, the lake possesses great beauty and has potential for tourism.

The Naujan Lake National Park has been designated as Wetlands of International Importance to the Ramsar List, effective 12 November 1999.

The beach front is the natural beauty lined with coves and mostly white sand beaches, while the crystal clear blue waters with underwater garden is ideal for snorkeling and deep sea diving sports.

The lakeshore front the Lake Naujan, considered as the cleanest lake in the Philippines.  Aside from its natural beauty sulfuric hot spring with medicinal cure abound in the sea.