Asset Consult Corporation


ASSET CONSULT CORPORATION is a subsidiary of the RGV Group of Real Estate Companies.  Backed by 35 years of professional experience and expertise in real estate data banking , brokerage, valuation and appraisal, investment studies, finance, land development, construction and property management , its services also include consultancy and preparation of feasibility studies for specific projects.

Its affiliation with the RGV Group provides linkage to companies and institutions in Philippine business and industry that require professional and authoritative land and other real property-related services.

The long and still growing list of the RGV Group’s  clientele includes industrial firms, business enterprises, individual land owners, land developers, banks, government, and financial institutions.

The RGV Group’s tract record in successful land transactions, as well as planning and development, has gained ASSETCONSULT CORPORATION a reputation for dependable expertise in its field of activity.



Our valuers and appraisers are duly licensed professionals, with decades of experience in a wide variety of project upon request of landowners and developments, investors, banks and financial corporations, business corporations, institutions, and government agencies.

The list of subject includes:

  • land and estates

  • buildings and improvements

  • industrial machinery & equipment

  • agricultural equipment

  • transportation equipment

We conduct property valuation for such purposes as:

  • purchase or sale

  • incorporation

  • building expansion

  • property/fire insurance claims

  • mortgage financing

  • acquisition and expropriation

  • land development

  • estate settlements

  • corporate mergers


ASSETCONSULT  CORPORATION undertakes research, market survey and study, and project feasibility study on projects for land development, commercial ventures, housing estates, and other types of real estate development.

  • Market Survey and Study - We gather and analyze data that reflect the current economic and market context of a particular piece of land or real property under consideration as to its investment potential or its highest and best use. Pertinent data are collated from other project within or adjacent to a given area or territory for purposes of subsequent comparison.

  • Project Feasibility Study – From the market study, we develop various options for investment and/or highest and best use of the property under consideration. Each option is subjected to rigorous technical, marketing, and financial analysis in order to determine the feasibility of each possible option. Based on the most important considerations to the owner or investor, such as earliest project completion and/or return on investment, a recommendation is made on the most feasible option.


Other Services


Following the completion of a particular project feasibility study on a particular real property for sale or development, ASSETCONSULT CORPORATION also renders services in project management through its technical staff and consultants.



Prior to project development, ASSETCONSULT CORPORATION also renders services in land survey which include:

  • Preparation and Securing Government Approvals of Subdivision Plan;

  • Registration and Titling of particular lots in the approved subdivision plan; and

  • Other related land survey services like Relocation, and Title Audit and Verification of a particular real estate property.

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ASSETCONSULT CORPORATION maintains a computerized data banking system which is accessible to all its sister companies within the RGV Group.  It stores information accumulated  over 35 years of the RGV Group’s involvement in real estate, brokerage and development.

The system contains records of sales and disposition of all types of commercial, industrial and agricultural properties and provides updated information for monitoring real property trends and market conditions.

With expert interpretation of these data, ASSETCONSULT CORPORATION assures its clients of currency of its market studies as well as quality and reliability of its project studies.


ASSETCONSULT COPORATION is a member-company of the RGV Group, which has won the confidence of over 500 business companies and institutions in the field of real estate, brokerage, land development, among others.  Included on its list of clientele are as follows:

Government Agencies

  • Food Terminal, Inc.

  • Government Services Insurance Systems

  • Home Guaranty Corporation

  • National Housing Authority

  • Overseas Workers & Welfare Administration

  • Philippine National Construction Corporation

  • Securities & Exchange Commission

  • Social Security System


  • Banco Filipino

  • Bank of Commerce

  • Bank One Savings

  • Land Bank of the Philippines

  • Metrobank & Trust Company

  • Philippine National Bank

  • Philippine Veterans Bank

  • Robinsons Bank

  • Rizal Commercial & Banking Corporation

  • United Coconut Planters Bank

Private Corporation

  • Avida Land Corporation

  • ACCRA Investment Corporation

  • Ameresco Commercial & Industrial Corporation

  • Amtiesco Corporation

  • Anaprel Development Corporation

  • Arcon Group of Companies

  • Bacsay Management & Development Corporation

  • BBMS Property Services, Inc.

  • BF Topman Corporation

  • BM Holdings

  • C.M. Pancho Construction, Inc.

  • Crane Realty & Development Corporation

  • Chailease Development Corporation

  • ECE Realty & Development, Inc.

  • Empire East Landholdings, Inc.

  • Ever Gotesco Group of Companies

  • Evercrest Golf Club Resorts, Inc.

  • Fermentation Industries Corporation

  • Fortune Life & General Insurance Corporation

  • Global Estates Resorts, Inc.

  • Karagdag & Associates

  • Knights of Columbus

  • Kamla Incorporated

  • Lyceum of Batangas

  • Lyceum of the Philippines

  • Marpet Development Corporation

  • Megaworld Corporation

  • Mercury Group of Companies, Inc.

  • Mercury Group Provident Fund

  • MC Engineering, Inc.

  • Noris Realty & Development Corporation

  • National Development Company

  • NECO Philippines

  • NYK Fil-Japan

  • OEP Philippines, Inc.

  • Permath Philippines, Inc.

  • Philippine Women’s University

  • Plastic & Tools Inc.

  • Philippine Star Daily

  • Pilipino Star Ngayon

  • Polyton Industries Company, Inc.

  • Prudential Guarantee & Insurance, Inc.

  • R-II Builders

  • ROHM & HAAS, Inc. Philippines

  • Sound Development Corporation

  • Standard Insurance Company, Inc.

  • Stanford Finance Corporation

  • S & U Realty Corporation

  • Theo-Pam Trading Corporation

  • Top Management Programs, Inc.

  • Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation

  • Travellers Insurance Surety Corporation

  • University of the Philippines